Women2Women is the only women’s organization that briefs Congress directly on issues important to women.

When women are heard

America is made better

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Amplifying women’s voices

in Washington


Women2Women serves to amplify women’s voices in Washington. We meet with and poll women nationwide to fully understand the issues they care about most, including healthcare, equal pay, education, childcare, and access to capital. Then we use the data collected to brief elected officials and impact national policy.

Women comprise 55% of the voting public. Acting together, we can elect or defeat public officials and the legislative agendas they champion. Because of Women2Women and organizations like us, the days when women’s issues take a back seat in Washington are coming to an end.

Primary Concerns

Want to change Washington? Then vote in your Congressional primaries. In primaries, each party nominates the candidate who will represent it in the general election. Lately, most voters have been sitting out the primaries, resulting in the nomination of increasingly extreme candidates on each side.

For legislation impacting women to pass, Congress has to work across party lines. Since women are the voting majority in most districts, we can make it happen. It all starts in the primaries!